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Each one of the local neighborhoods listed was a direct result of Breckenridge Housing collaborating in private/public partnerships and, in some cases, acting as the developer, to develop more than 1,136 deed restricted homes. In addition to these neighborhoods pictured and listed below and in the drop down above, there are over 256 individual units (as of 2023 year end) dispersed throughout Breckenridge that are subject to deed restriction.

Select the local neighborhood below for more information on specific neighborhoods. For a comprehensive look at deed restricted properties in Summit County click here. 









The Town of Breckenridge does not keep a waitlist for these neighborhoods and does not act as a broker for real estate transactions. If you are interested in being placed on a rental property waitlist, please contact Corum at 970.547.4433. If you are interested in purchasing a deed restricted property, please contact a local realtor.

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