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Buy Downs

The properties that are currently for sale below are through the 'Buy Down' program. The address listed will take you directly to the property listing. Please contact the listing agent for more information or to view the property. 

123 Reiling Rd- Pending

9359 State Highway 9 Unit #P5

For Rent

The Town of Breckenridge has worked with many different developers to provide rental units. To get connected with property managers and see what is available, please head to our Resources & Contacts page.

Housing Helps

The Housing Helps program is aimed at providing affordable housing options for local workers and residents. It's part of the town's broader efforts to address housing affordability issues, which can be particularly challenging in resort communities where the cost of living is high. If you're looking for specific details or eligibility criteria, please refer to our 'Housing Helps' page.

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