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Huron Landing was developed in partnership with Summit County and the Town of Breckenridge.  The County provided the land that  was being used as a storage yard and the Town financed the project through Certificate of Participation (COP) financing.  The total cost of the project was $8.5 million with  approximately $210,000 PIFs and planning fees waived. 

Neighborhood Summary:
 # of Units: 26
Density: 17 UPA
 Type: 2bd Apartments
 Occupancy: Renter Occupied 
Initial Pricing: $1,550-$1,700 (90% AMI)
Neighborhood Amenities: Proximity to trail and rec path, on-site gear storage,  on-site public transit
Construction Complete: 2017

Restriction Summary:
Employment: 30+ hours per week in Summit County
Income Limits: 180% AMI



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