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Lease tO Locals  

Lease to Locals Housing has been extended! To learn more about the program click HERE.


Lease to Locals is a pilot incentive program to create new workforce rental-housing opportunities administered by Landing Locals, a Truckee, Calif.-based startup specializing in mountain-community workforce housing. The program provides property managers and property owners with generous cash incentives to convert their short-term rentals into seasonal and long-term rentals. To learn more about the Lease to Locals program or to apply for an incentive payment, visit or call (970) 406-4519.

Property Owner Details: 
To qualify for the Lease to Locals incentive program, a property must be located in unincorporated Summit County or the Town of Breckenridge and must currently be a legally licensed short-term rental unit. To participate in this program, property owners are not required to give up their short-term rental license. 

Incentive amounts vary based on the size of the unit and length of the lease, up to $20,000 per property. To qualify for the incentive, property owners will need to submit an application, sign a lease with qualifying tenants for at least five months, and undergo lease checks to ensure they are in compliance. Qualifying tenants are required to work at least 30 hours per week for an employer based and serving Summit County.


Prospective Renter Details: 

As of March 16, Landing Locals will also provide a free matching service for prospective tenants and property owners to connect via Landing Locals’ housing marketplace. Prospective renters are encouraged to fill out a renter profile at to potentially be matched with properties as they come online. 

About Landing Locals:

Landing Locals is helping solve the housing crisis in vacation towns by unlocking new housing opportunities for local employees. Through its trusted online platform, we connect local tenants with homeowners who have underutilized properties available for rent. To bolster this effort, we partner with local governments to incentivize property owners who convert their units into seasonal and long-term rentals for locals. To learn more about the Lease to Locals program or to apply for an incentive payment, visit or call (970) 406-4519. 


Lease to Locals

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