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Short Term Rental Fee 

Beginning January 1, 2022 the annual accommodation unit fee will be $400/studio and/or per bedroom. The regulatory fee applies to all properties required to obtain an accommodation unit license. The new Regulatory Fee Fund will be used to support the Town’s workforce housing policies, projects, and programs, address secondary impacts of short term rentals that impact the character of the local community and Town neighborhoods where accommodation units are located, and defray the costs to the Town.


For more information on the STR fee, please visit Short Term Rental.

Tourism Overlay District

In October, Breckenridge Town Council unanimously decided to create a temporary advisory committee to provide recommendations for a Tourism Overlay District. The concept of an overlay district is the result of public discussion that occurred during the recent legislative process creating the cap on STR licenses. The committee, comprised of property managers, realtors, a lodging representative, community members, two council members, and town staff, will be meeting over the next several weeks/months to develop recommendations for Council consideration.

The Tourism Overlay District is based on the descriptive language that currently exists for each of the fifty (50) Land Use Districts (LUDs) in the Town. In anticipation of a Tourism Overlay District discussion, Town staff members will continue to review the description of each LUD, as well as the number of housing units and STR licenses within each LUD. This analysis will be used to develop recommendations for the advisory committee to review.

For more information on the Tourism Overlay District, please visit Short Term Rental.

Short Term Rental Fee

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