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Start Date: 04/29/2022
Close Date: 06/06/2022 4:00 PM

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The Town of Breckenridge is requesting proposals from well qualified planning, design, and development teams who have the capacity and expertise to assist the Town in planning, design, entitlements, and construction of workforce housing on Town-owned property. This property is generally referred to as the Stillson Property, located at 710 Wellington Road.

The Town expects that the development of this 12 acre site will need to be phased. The Town is interested in developing the first phase of this Property for housing as soon as possible with the balance of the Project at a later date.  A map is included in the RFP that shows the site as well as surrounding land uses including the Wellington Neighborhood/Lincoln Park to east, Vista Point Neighborhood to the north, Xcel Substation and residential to the west, and open space to the south. It is important that development on this Property be compatible with the surrounding land uses.

The Town believes that a ‘for sale’ development/neighborhood providing affordable home ownership opportunities for local households in single family, duplex, or multi-family configuration would be the best use for this property. The Town is open to considering a variety of housing proposals and types, such as cluster housing.  The incorporation of accessory dwelling units the Project is encouraged.  It is the intent of the Town to collaborate with a team to design and possibly build a neighborhood on the Stillson property that serves the needs of local working households while complementing the community, promoting sustainability, and elevating/exceeding the expectations for deed restricted housing. The property is currently subject to Land Use District 15 and Land Use District 1, but the Town is open to amending the Land Use District to accommodate reasonable density on this site. Ideally, the Town would like to target 80-120% AMI households in at 6-10 UPA. The Town desires an efficient layout to maximize the number of units based on a fit test.




















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