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Vista Point was developed privately as a part of an annexation agreement with the Town.  The site was vacant dredge rock in unincorporated Summit County.  The developer constructed both Vista Point and Gibson Heights.  Also included was a dedicated park and childcare center.  Approximately $105,000 in PIFs and Planning Fees were waived.

Neighborhood Summary:
 # of Units: 18 Restricted, 39 Market
Density: 5.1 UPA
Type: Single Family, Duplex, Triplex
Occupancy: Owner Occupied 
Initial Pricing: $233,000-$450,000
AMI Target: 120% AMI
Neighborhood Amenities: Rec Path, 
Childcare Center,Trails, Public Transit
Construction Complete: 2004

Covenant Summary:
Employment: 30+ hours per week in Summit County
Income Limits: None
Property: Can Own Other Property 
Appreciation Limit: The sum of the change in AMI, using 3% whenever the change is less than 3%
Commission: 7% of sale price
Capital Improvements: 15%  of initial purchase price
Retirement: Partial retirement at age 55, Full retirement at age 65
Rent: Yes, but must be Owner Occupied

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