The goal of the Breckenridge Housing Program is to house 50% of the Breckenridge workforce in the Upper Blue Basin by supporting affordable housing throughout the community.

Workforce Housing is an issue in many communities throughout Colorado and is especially critical in resort communities.  The Town of Breckenridge is taking a proactive approach to meet the needs of local employees, and is addressing the issue through a variety of tools and strategies.  In 1988 the first dedicated workforce units were established in Breckenridge as a result of the Town’s adopted development code.  The code is a combination of traditional zoning and performance zoning and incentivizes development that benefits the community such as deed restricted workforce housing.  As  the community has evolved, the deed restrictions have become more sophisticated, incorporating elements including The requirement of full-time work in Summit County, income testing, and appreciation limits. There are approximately 1,000 deed restricted homes in Breckenridge.


The Family and Intercultural Resource Center is a local non-profit that is a great resource for a wide range of community needs.  Specifically related to COVID-19 FIRC is administering a special rental relief program.  Please click here to find out more information about this program and other resources potentially available including unemployment, food assistance, medicaid, and other relief programs. 


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