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Pinewood 2 was developed on land that was part of a land trade with the National Forest Service.  The project was constructed by an LLLP that the Breckenridge Housing Authority participated in.  The project received 4% LIHTC and cost $9.7 million.  Approximately $335,000 in PIFs and Planning Fees were waived.  When units become available, applicants from the waitlist who meet the income criteria are selected.  The property is currently operated by a Corum Real Estate Group. 

Neighborhood Summary:

 # of Units: 45

Density: 15 UPA

 Type: Studio & 1bd Apartments

 Occupancy: Renter Occupied 
AMI Target: 60% AMI
Neighborhood Amenities: Trails, Public Transit, On-Site Gear Storage
Construction Complete: 2016

Restriction Summary:

Income Limits: 60% AMI
Property: Cannot own other property

Rent: No Short Term Rental Allowed

Master Lease:  Not Allowed


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