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The most recent development constructed by the Town of Breckenridge Housing Authority, Blue 52 is a land banked project that cost approximately $16.4 million.   Land was also contributed and not included in the cost.   Approximately $460,000 PIF and planning fees were waived.

Neighborhood Summary:

# of Units: 52

Density: 9.2 UPA

Type: 1-, 2-, and 3-bd Townhomes

 Occupancy: Owner Occupied 

Initial Pricing: $203,000-$515,000

AMI Target: 80%-120% AMI

Neighborhood Amenities: Rec Path, Proximity to Parks,Trails, Public Transit

Construction Complete: 2018

Covenant Summary:

Employment: 30+ hours per week in Summit County

Income Limits: 110% - no limit

Assets:  cannot exceed $225,000. Exempt assets include primary residence equity, retirement accounts, health savings and college savings accounts.

Property: Not allowed to own other property in Summit County

Appreciation Limit: 2% fixed per year

Commission: 0.5%-1% of sale price

Capital Improvements: 10%  of initial purchase price

Retirement: Partial retirement at age 60 - Full retirement at age 65

Rent: No Short Term Rental Allowed.  Owners can rent rooms to qualified tenants

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